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LUXOIS - Aquarus II Decan Talisman

LUXOIS - Aquarus II Decan Talisman

$ 2,400.00

LUXOIS - Aquarius II Decan Talisman [Mercury]

"A tenacious man who looks like a powerful king. It portrays beauty, nobility, goodness, complete form, complete religion and manhood." Ghayat al Hakim [Arabic Picatrix]

Cast at 10:38AM EST, on March 1st, 2021, in Williamsport PA (43N,77W). The moon in fifth house Libra applies to trine Mercury on the midheaven in the second decan of Aquarius; a decan ruled by mercury in both the chaldean (descending), and triplicity orders of rulership. The election is further fortified by having the north node in mercury-ruled Gemini in the first house; as well as mercury's next applying aspect being a conjunction with Jupiter, also occupying the second decan of Aquarius.

The Aquarius II decan talisman was modeled in hard carver's wax and cast in an a mixed-metal alloy of gold, silver, tin, and copper [among the metals, mercury rules mixed-metals and mercury]. Above the image is a bezel-set 6 carat topaz.

The image cast for this decanic election is a composite of symbols and themes associated with Mercury [Thoth, caduceus, papyri boat] and nobility/kingship [crown, 'was'-scepter]. It portrays one who, though in a liminal space-between-spaces, maintains and carries his dignity with him. It is an image of one adept at bridging the unknown with what has been established, and the ability to move between the two. A king in exile, but a king none the less.

Much of the inspiration for this image was informed by '36 Faces, the History, Astrology, and Magic of the Decans' by friend and fellow astromage Austin Coppock. I highly recommend picking up the second edition when it becomes available via Three Hands Press.

The Aquarius II Decan talisman includes a 20” silver chain, and arrives in a wax-sealed leatherette pendant box. A polishing cloth will be included, as mixed-metal alloys will develop a patina over time.