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Mars in Scorpio I Decan Talisman (II)

Mars in Scorpio I Decan Talisman (II)

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Mars in Scorpio I Decan Talisman

The Mars in Scorpio I Decan Talisman was modeled in hard carver's wax, and lost-wax cast in fine silver and iron firescale. A traditional martial talismanic image of a scorpion, unlocking the formula of Scorpio I by being fixed in the possession of its desired target. Engraved upon the claws are seal of Bartzabel (the spirit of Mars), and Graphiel (the intelligence of Mars) from Agrippa's Three Books, Bk1 chapter XXXIII. A 6ct. Heliotrope (Bloodstone) is prong-set into the glyph of mars within the scorpions embrace.

The Mars in Scorpio Talisman was poured in molten silver and iron firescale at precisely 3:16 AM on Dec 24 2017. Mars rising on the ascendant in the first Face/Decan of Scorpio at 9°. An immensely powerful Mars, the red planet dignified by domicile (+5), triplicity (+3), face/decan (+1), and in sect in a nocturnal chart. The waxing Moon applies to a trine with Mars within one degree from 8° pisces, and Mars receives the moon via triplicity. The lord of the seventh house (of opposition/open enemies) is peregrine, combust, and applying to a malefic from a malefic term and face.  Additionally, the Sun is sextile mars from the sign of mar's exaltation; making this an ideal Scorpio I decan election. [one of the recommended conditions of a decan talisman is to have the sun in aspect with the planet]. Casting was accompanied by suffumigation of viper's tongue, wormwood, and cayenne pepper; and accompanied by petition to mars, and the spirit of the first decan of Scorpio named in the Liber Hermetis, "Necbeous".

"Mars is tremendously strong in this face of scorpio, and all operations of a martial nature will benefit from the red planet's ferocity. Mars' special power here is to cut a pathway to the satisfaction of a hunger or desire. Works of this nature will be extremely effective, yet such works will take the toll natural to the desired course of events. One might impress the image of red Mars in this face onto a permanent talisman, granting both the talents and impediments that the natives experience. A creation as this will grant one the power to gain much that they desire." -Austin Coppock, "36 Faces", Three Hands Press

The Mars in Scorpio I Decan Talisman arrives in a black leatherette pendant box, and includes a 20" silver chain.