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Mercury in Virgo - Caduceus Talisman
Mercury in Virgo - Caduceus Talisman

Mercury in Virgo - Caduceus Talisman

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" renders the bearer thereof gratefull, and fortunate to do what he pleaseth; it bringeth gain, and prevents poverty, conduceth to memory, understanding, and divination, and to the understanding of occult things by dreams:" -Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy, book II, chapter XXII

The Mercury in Virgo Caduceus Talisman was modeled by hand, and cast in an alloy of 90% .925 Silver, 5% Tin, and 5% Copper using the ancient 'Lost-Wax' casting technique. Mercury rules among metals: Mercury, Tin, and Mixed Metals. Casting was followed by petitions and suffumigation to mercury as put forth in Picatrix, book III chapter VII.

The Mercury Talisman was cast on August 28, 2013 at 6:49 am. Mercury applies to the Ascendant at 8° Virgo, Dignified by Domicile (+5), Exaltation (+4), and [egyptian] Term (+2); ruling the First and Tenth House. Mercury is also in Sect, and in its House Joy. The moon applies to square mercury, being received from Mercury's Domicile and Term at 6° Gemini. The Sun occupies the first house, placing Mercury "under the beams"; however, Mercury occupying it's own sign (as well as being tremendously dignified) mitigates combustion. Part of Fortune is located in 10° Gemini in the Tenth House, aspecting and being received by Mercury. An excellent all-purpose mercury talisman for oration, writing, mercantile, commerce, cunning, and medicine.. The Tenth house emphasis of the chart is especially fortunate for matters of career, reputation, and advancement.

"..and the one who bear it.. ..he will understand deep things and contemplate exalted things.. ..and he will be served by all the works of Mercury and all peoples." -Picatrix, book II, chapter X

The pendant comes with a 20" sterling silver chain, and will arrive in a black leatherette pendant box.

Dimensions: 1,3/4" x 1" (wings)

This excellent chart was elected by Astrologer Chris Brennan. I highly recommend checking out his many excellent productions, online courses, and consultation services at