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Regulus - Virgo Ingress, Fixed Star Talisman
Regulus - Virgo Ingress, Fixed Star Talisman

Regulus - Virgo Ingress, Fixed Star Talisman

$ 730.00

Regulus - Fixed Star Astrological Talisman 

"It shews the Native to be magnanimous, that he is of generous and civil condition, desires to bear rule, or is ambitious of dominion over others." -William Lilly

 Wax modeled by hand, and cast in Corinthian Bronze; an alloy of Gold, Copper, and Tin, used in classical antiquity. Set into the talisman is a 1922 Czech Coin bearing an image of Virgo. On the back of the coin is an image of a heraldic lion. This imagery signifies and commemorates the procession of the Fixed Star Regulus from Leo into tropical Virgo. 

The Regulus Talisman was cast on August 22, 2013, at precisely 6:27 AM. EST; the moment the Sun was rising on the ascendant, and applying a bodily conjunction with Regulus from the 30th [ordinal] degree of Leo. The casting was accompanied by petitions and suffumigation modeled after those put forth in the medieval grimoire of medieval astrological magic, 'Picatrix'. 

Regulus is a Behenian "Fixed star" in the constellation Leo. Regulus is drawn upon in traditional astrological magic for the granting of favor from those in authoritative or influential ["Kingly"] positions; as well as granting a native the appearance, traits, and circumstances which would necessary elevate them into such a position.

The Regulus Talisman includes a 20" sterling silver chain, and arrives in a black leatherette pendant box.

Dimensions: 1,1/2" x 1"