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Solomonic Planetary Pentacle
Solomonic Planetary Pentacle

Solomonic Planetary Pentacle

$ 800.00

Solomonic Planetary Pentacle

Within Clavicula Solomonis or "The Greater Key of Solomon" are listed 44 planetary pentacles. Seven are allotted to each planet; each with their own specific purpose and attributes.

Using consecrated tools and materials reserved specifically for Solomonic work; each pentacle is carefully and reverently prepared for casting. Preparation steps begin and end on the planetary hours corresponding to the talisman. Once the hand-carved wax model is prepared, the pentacle awaits the appropriate planetary day and hour to be cast in .999 Silver; followed by the traditional evocation; and suffumigation by a sympathetic planetary incense.

Multiple astrological factors are taken into account for the timing of the pendant's casting. Along the planetary day/hour, consideration will be given to the applications and essential dignity of the moon, angular position of the pentacle's ruling planet, etc. By employing more advanced astrological timing techniques than the simple planetary day/hour given in Solomonic Grimoires, the power and efficacy of the Solomonic talisman is greatly enhanced.

 In addition to the Pentacle seal, a natural gemstone corresponding to the planet chosen will be used, set above a traditional planetary glyph.

Planetary Stones:

Saturn: Onyx

Jupiter: Amethyst

Mars: Garnet

Sun: Peridot

Venus: Lapis Lazuli

Mercury: Topaz

Moon: Selenite (Moonstone)

(Sources: Picatrix, Agrippa, William Lilly)

Each Solomonic Planetary Pentacle arrives in an attractive small chest. 20" Silver chain included.