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St Michael - Sun in Leo Talisman & Phylactery

St Michael - Sun in Leo Talisman & Phylactery

$ 5,000.00

St Michael - Sun in Leo Talisman and Phylactery

The St Michael Phylactery was a project planned and carried out in stages on multiple auspiciously elected times; marrying techniques of traditional electional astrology & astrological magic, and of the Solomonic grimoire tradition.

Modeled in hard carver’s wax and cast in 14kt Gold, is the image of archangel Michael armed with sword and scales, subduing a demon. This Solar Talisman was cast in molten gold on August 12, 2017 at precisely 6:18 AM EST. The Sun rising on the ascendant at 19° Leo; dignified by Domicile (+5), and Triplicity (+3). The waxing Moon completes a partile trine to the Sun from 16° Aires, being received by the sun via Exaltation and triplicity. The pouring of the talisman was accompanied by petition and suffumigation of frankincense and amber. Post-casting, the image was anointed with Alchemical Oil of Gold produced by Kymia Arts.

The outer phylactery was modeled in hard carver’s wax, and cast in 95/5 (fine silver & gold) electrum on the planetary Day and Hour of the Sun on Easter Sunday, April 1st 2018, at sunrise. The six wings of the seraphim enclose a circle crossed at the quadrants. Engraved within this circle in perpetual prayer, is the Latin “SANCTE MICHAEL DEFENDE NOS IN PROELIO”: Saint Michael defend us in battle. The casting/pouring of the piece was accompanied by the Prayer for Sunday/Sun from the Hygromanteia [MS Gennadianus 45], and suffumigated with frankincense and amber. The pieces were then combined via hammer-setting, and set with a 1.5 carat Ruby.

The function of the piece combines the apotropaic function of a solar phylactery or ‘lamen’ dedicated to St Michael, with the virtues and potency of a traditional Sun in Leo planetary talisman; utilizing the complete electional [astrological timing] and ritual protocol.

This is a particularly well-suited tool for one engaged in Solomonic and/or Goetic work, for its qualities and namesake will be recognized; as well as for use in planetary ritual where the sun’s influence is brought to bear.

The St Michael Solar Talisman & Phylactery arrives in a artfully wax-sealed leatherette pendant box with a 22” silver chain.