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Sun and Moon Degree of Exaltation Astrological Talisman

Sun and Moon Degree of Exaltation Astrological Talisman

$ 2,200.00
Sun and Moon Degree of Exaltation Astrological Talisman
The Solar/Lunar DOE astrological talisman was cast in molten fine Silver, and 18k Gold (copperless) using the ancient "lost-wax" casting technique at precisely 5:45 AM on April 8 2016, during the planetary night of the Moon, and planetary hour of the Sun. A rare and potent election, as both luminaries occupy their single degree of maximum exaltation simultaneously - The Solar degree of exaltation in the 19th degree (18°+) of Aries, and the Moon in the 3rd degree (2°+) of Taurus. 

Taking the form of the crowned lion, this talisman was created for the purpose of empowering it's wearer with a mastery over his/her own particular kingdom - the revelation of both the spiritual and material aspects of one's existence, and the mutual fecundation that necessarily results when the spheres of Sol and Luna are exalted, purified, and reconciled. This talisman is also a particularly well honed tool for the magician working with spirits or energies of a solar nature, for the well dignified moon lends itself generously to manifestation in the sub-lunar.

The lion, cast in fine silver (a lunar metal), is an image of lordship within and over the affairs of the sub-lunar sphere. His crown, cast in Gold (a solar metal), is the solar aspect, the very source of his sovereignty and vitality. Below the crowned lion is seated a luminous prong-set 2 carat Ruby, a gemstone corresponding with the sun.

The metal casting was accompanied by suffumigation of frankincense, myrrh, and powdered freshwater pearls.  Three unique planetary petitions were recited; to the Moon, the Sun, and the reconciliation of both in the creation of the talisman [beautifully composed and provided by the illustrious astrologer and magician Austin Coppock for this very election].

The Sun and Moon Degree of Exaltation Astrological Talisman arrives in an attractive black leatherette pendant box, and includes a 20" sterling silver chain. A printout of the astrological chart of the talisman's election will also be provided.