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Pleiades - Behenian Fixed Star Talisman
Pleiades - Behenian Fixed Star Talisman

Pleiades - Behenian Fixed Star Talisman

$ 2,300.00

Pleiades - Behenian Fixed Star Astrological Talisman 

"Under the Pleiades, they made the image of a virgin, or the figure of a lamp; to increase the light of the eyes, to assemble spirits, to raise winds, to reveal secret and hidden things." -Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book II Chapter IXVII

The Pleiades fixed star talismans were modeled in hard carver’s wax [seven in total], and cast in 20/80 electrum (gold + fine silver) at 8:14pm EST, January 16th, 2019 in Williamsport PA; Under the waxing moon in perfect conjunction with the Pleiades at 0°08 Gemini on the Midheaven. The pouring of the talismans accompanied by petition to Pleiades, and suffumigation of fennel and frankincense. The image of an oil lamp, engraved with a constellational glyph of the Seven Sisters, and a 2.5ct faceted quartz prong set into the flame.

“Stone: ‘Rock Crystal’. Herb: Fennel - Moon conjunct the Pleiades rising or at midheaven, preserves the eyesight, summons demons and the spirits of the dead, calls the winds, and reveals secrets and things that are lost.” - Liber Hermetis de 15 Stellis Tractans

The Pleiades Talisman arrives in a black leatherette pendant box, includes a 20" sterling silver chain, and a suffumigation blend of fennel and frankincense.