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Taurus I - Decan Talisman
Taurus I - Decan Talisman

Taurus I - Decan Talisman

$ 450.00

Venus in Taurus I - Decan Talisman

"There rises in the first face of Taurus a woman with curly hair, who has one son wearing clothing looking like flame, and she is wearing garments of the same sort. This is a face of plowing and working on the land, of sciences, geometry, sowing and building. This is its form." -Picatrix, Bk II, Ch XI

The Taurus I Decan Talisman was cast on March 22th, 2015, at precisely 3:21pm EST. Venus, the triplicity-order ruler of this face, culminates on the midheaven at 6° Taurus; immensely dignified by domicile (+5), triplicity (+3), term (+2), and face/decan (+1). The waxing Moon, dignified by exaltation (+4), and triplicity (+3), applies to conjoin Venus within one degree. The pouring of the talisman was accompanied by petitions and suffumigation; drawing heavily upon the planetary rituals put forth in the medieval grimoire of astrological magic, 'Picatrix'.

Modeled by hand in hard carvers wax, and cast in copper. The decanic image of Taurus I via Picatrix is carved in relief, the background oxidized. The back of the talisman bears the name "JAUS", the spirit of the first face of Taurus as listed in the hellenistic astrological/magical text Liber Hermetis.

"The magical use of this decan is to bring about opportunities to multiply wealth. It is especially useful and appropriate for those who trade in valuables and for those whose business is a matter of investment and speculation." -Austin Coppock, '36 Faces', Three Hands Press

The Taurus I Decan Talisman includes a 20" sterling silver chain, and arrives in a black leatherette pendant box.