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Venus in Pisces, Love Talisman
Venus in Pisces, Love Talisman
Venus in Pisces, Love Talisman

Venus in Pisces, Love Talisman

$ 600.00

Venus Exalted in 1st Degree Pisces - Astrological Talisman 

"If, under the influence of Venus, you make the image of a woman who's body is human with the head of a bird.. her right hand an apple, and in her left hand a wooden comb.. everyone who carries this image with them will receive good and be liked by everyone."

Picatrix, Book II Chapter X 

Venus in 1st Degree Pisces "Plate" Talisman was modeled by hand, and lost-wax cast in solid .999 silver and a small amount of copper (the metal ruled by Venus) precisely on the moment Venus ascended over the horizon in the first degree of Pisces on April 6th, 2014 at 5:00am in WIlliamsport, PA. Casting was followed by traditional Petitions and Suffumigation as put forth by the authoritative grimoire of medieval astrological magic, Picatrix.

"From the operations of Venus, they made an image, which was available for favour and benevolence, at the very hour it ascended into Pisces, the form of which was the image of a woman having the head of a bird.."

~ Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Book II Chapter XVII

 In addition to the image put forth by Agrippa, elements from the Venus image given by Book II, Chapter 10 of Picatrix were incorporated into its design; creating a beautiful and potent composite image of Venus.

Venus is extremely well situated in this chart on the first degree (0'33") of Pisces. Dignified by Exaltation (+4), and Term (+2), angular in the first house, applying to (and being received by) an exalted Jupiter in the 5th house.

The waxing moon in her Domicile of Cancer (+5) is separating from a trine to Venus, and applying to a conjunction with Jupiter.

Jupiter is Exalted in Cancer (+4) and fortunately situated in the 5th house. In addition, he rules the first and tenth houses, and is Partile trine Part of Fortune on the midheaven in 10th house Sagittarius.

The Venus in 1st Degree Pisces Plate is one of the most benefic talismans that has come through the crucible. It is large enough to adorn a bedroom altar, and small enough to carry on your person.

 The Venus in 1st Degree Pisces "Plate" Talisman will arrive in a black leatherette case, with a professional grade silver polishing cloth.

Dimensions2" x 1,1/2" x 3mm